2017- now: Software Engineer (Tooling & Networking) @ True Valhalla
2011- now: Software Engineer & Co-founder @ Studio Flashback Ltd
2017- now: Chair of the WWW Committee @ Study Association Marie-Curie
2014-2017: Member of the WWW Committee @ Study Association Marie-Curie
2016-2017: Student Member HEP Interview Committee @ WiNSt, Radboud
2016-2017: Private P2P Telephony project @ Limesco
2016-2017: Bachelor Internship @ HEF Institute, Radboud
2014-2015: Treasurer @ Olympus Nijmegen
2012-2014: Tutor @ ESTE studie thuis

2018: Summer Student Programme @ CERN
2018- tba: Master in Particle and Astrophysics @ Radboud University
2013-2017: Bachelor in Physics, Minor in Computer Science @ Radboud University
2007-2013: VWO @ Valuascollege Venlo

2016: ACM-ICPC World Finals (51rd place, That empty teamname) @ Phuket, Thailand
2015: NWERC (4th place, That empty teamname) @ Linköping, Sweden
2015: BAPC (1st place, That empty teamname) @ Leiden, Netherlands

Tantalus: Inventory management and invoice generation as a Google Appengine webservice.
MarTeXPHP: Custom TeX to HTML parser for the Marie Curie Study Association.
Madmin++: Upgrading and fixing the madmin accounting software.

SockJS4GM: Gamemaker wrapper library for SockJS.
Iterators: Gamemaker library for C++ inspired iterators for various datastructures.

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